We are one of the most historic and beautiful municipalities of Attica. We are the most indented coastline of the Saronic Gulf as well as the ancient “Strata tou Asteos” (Road of the City) that guided, and still guides pilgrims and visitors to the renowned Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. We are the land where olive groves and vineyards of thousands of years still give their wonderful fruit after all those centuries. We are the unofficially historic “Land of Kouroi (statues)” that enviably made their mark during the Archaic period. We are one of the major green lungs of Attica, with the enchanting Kouvaras forest, generously supplying the region with oxygen.

We are the inextinguishable memory of the refugees in Anavyssos and Palaea Phocaea who turned history into creative reality, both on land and at sea. We are the birthplace of Cleisthenes, founder of the Athenian Democracy and Themistocles, the great ancient general. We are the land of “Galini (Serenity), a famous Greek novel based on our land’s life written by Elias Venezis, land of the historic Salt Lake (Alyke) of Anavyssos and other wetlands. We are the coasts that stretch from the Galazia Akti (Blue Coast), Lagonissi and Saronida, to Anavyssos, Palaea Phocaea and Thymari (Thyme), along with the natural harbors that captivate the senses, and are ideal getaways for relaxation or action, both for the body and the soul. We are the humble and unparalleled beauty of the byzantine churches-monuments and temples and the tours along the natural landscapes of Mesogheia and Lavreotiki.

We are part of that human and primeval ritual of grilled meat in the heart of our capital, Kalyvia, combining tradition and history. We are the traditional fishing boats that every morning bring fresh fish that you can enjoy either at the fish restaurants of Palaia Phocaea or at home. We are the serene life at the monasteries of Kouvaras, their icons being comparable to those at the monasteries of Mount Athos. For the uninitiated, we are a true surprise, either for a day trip or for a long lasting getaway from Athens in any possible combination you may long for. Either alone or with company, the ever-welcoming land of Saronikos will offer you the most beautiful gift it has been keeping for you. Besides, mother nature has generously taken care of that. We thank her and take care of her.