When the olive groves meet the vineyards, which meet the pine trees, which meet the pistachio trees, which in turn meet the sea, then you do know that you are at the ancient classic landscape of Mesogeia. Our land connects this landscape with Lavreotiki, a place that features big, rough mountains and steeper sea cliffs.

The last major “green lung” of Attica is here. Kouvaras forest still offers its valuable oxygen, and this is the great green gift of mother nature to our land. Our soil is fertile, and loves summer heat as much as it loves the soft winter chill.
30km of coastline spread their salt at the tamarisks and pine trees, and carve natural sculptures on the rocks. The famous Salt Lake of Anavyssos may not be open any more, but countless small natural salt lakes are born on every rock you will meet. This is the work of the south wind. Spring fills our land with every color of the world. Bougainvilleas, flower gardens, wild orchids, aloe plants, mimosas and lemon trees, wild plants and flowers; all together compose one of the most amazing palettes of natural beauty. Autumn finds us with fresh, aromatic pistachios in our hands. Vineyards offer their Mediterranean nectar among celebrations and feasts, and the grape harvest welcomes winter. When winter comes, the olive trees offer their best and Kouvaras forest fills our lungs with oxygen at every bewitching stroll in the winter scenery, with the South Euboean Gulf lying across the horizon.