The smallest municipal unit of the Municipality of Saronikos, Saronida, is located about 18km away from Kalyvia, “squeezed” between the areas of Lagonissi and Anavyssos. In ancient times, during the age of Cleisthenes, it belonged to the Municipality of Aegilia, Attica, protected in the north by Lavreotikos Olympos. The area, formerly known as “Pefka Gkiournta”, was renamed “Saronis” in 1965. A popular sea resort of Attica, over the years it has become a modern place of permanent residence thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate. Looking to the sea and featuring a sloped terrain towards Olympos, it is one of the natural terraces of Attica. Its modern street plan, its accessible beaches, almost “at the feet” of the town’s residential area, its historic machine-gun nests that still carry memories of old times and its magnificent seaside hiking trail (one of the most beautiful peri-urban trails in Greece), are the main landmarks of a place that keeps developing over time. Today, the total population of Saronida is approximately 3,000 residents.