Blessed by nature, we have the pleasure and the honor to offer you the best products that nature itself either produces or helps us produce. Besides living in Mesogeia, a truly authentic land, we boast having all the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet at our feet.

Olive oil and olives, wine, meat and dairy products, fruit and vegetables, pistachio nuts are all blessed to be an essential part of our daily nutrition. Of course, those ingredients are also the raw materials used by our local producers to offer you their pure and award-winning products with extra care every day. Look for them during your visit and consider them a gift from our land for your visit or stay here.

Every time you cross the Saronic land and pass by or wander around our land, don’t hesitate to stop and take a look at the wonderful olive groves, vineyards and orchards that have been coexisting with man for centuries. Besides, a century-long winemaking tradition that has made Mesogeia one of the most ancient winemakers, is not a coincidence.