Many times, in our daily routine, we stare at things as if they were some kind of toy. We see cyclists roaming our streets and routes every single day. Hardly does a day go by without running into a cyclist. Thanks to our particular geophysical environment, biking options are not just limited to road cycling. Of course, the coastal Athens-Sounion avenue that runs for 25km and is one of the major highways of our municipality and Attica in general, is a main point of reference for road cycling lovers and athletes.

Either for practice or for racing events, the beauty of this coastal landscape does offer another push and energy in enjoying this sport.  However, the mountainous routes of Kouvaras forest offer the same thrills to mountain biking enthusiasts. Special routes along the lush greenery of the forest and the streams offer a unique boost of adrenaline and wellness and overwhelming images, either when ascending or descending. Descending from the top of Mount Paneio all the way to Kalyvia, is another equally thrilling experience.

Moreover, many bike lovers prefer artificial freestyle tracks to perform tricks in the air and on the ground. No matter how you love cycling, bicycle touring along the Saronic land offers wonderful moments and thrills against the most ideal landscape in Attica.