The landscape of the Saronic land is ideal for beautiful, unique tours along walking trails, other than the paths; trails that make up the magnificent mosaic of the nature in Mesogeia and Lavreotiki. A natural mosaic that the Municipality of Saronikos bridges on the southeast of Attica and that offers unique thrills together with the rich history of the place. From a simple need for a getaway and some light jogging, up to a more organized touring experience.

  • The magical forest and mountain trails of Kouvaras Forest
  • The panoramic ascent of mount Merenta
  • The medieval and byzantine district of the “9 Towers” at Kalyvia
  • The coastal hiking trail along the path of Saronida
  • The “heart” of Anavyssos up to Agios Nikolaos
  • The historic district of Foinikia and Olympos in Lavreotiki
  • The coastal hiking trail of Lagonissi
  • The “highlands” at Katafygi and Palaia Phocaea