Our ancient heritage may remain mostly buried underground, yet there is much evidence of the passage of many nations and civilizations over time: from traditional pastures, nomadic lifestyles, silver mining, generals and rhetors/politicians, down to the Arvanites, Sarakatsani, Greeks from Asia Minor, Cappadocians, Cretans and other people who have owned this land through the centuries; customs of joy and sorrow, birth and death, daily life, architecture, weaving, hard work in the fields (vineyards, olive groves, salt lake, mining), monastic life, food and hospitality. We still love planting trees in our backyards and inviting friends. We still bring pots of basil to the souls’ final resting place.

We still embroider bread to speak beyond words. We still love to dance at festivals and prepare the most delicious dishes with our amazing wine, either chilled or mulled. We still study the art of loom weaving. We still walk on the trails of ancient pilgrims. We still fish in a way that doesn’t hurt our sea. We still love climbing up and gazing. We still welcome friends and strangers and make them truly feel… at home.