Temple of Poseidon’s first eye contact

Driving from Athens to Cape Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon, you ride the beautiful Saronikos coastal route. This charming winding road by the sea seems like preparing you for the breathtaking moment of walking on the top of the hill by the Poseidon temple at cape Sounio. It is just after the bend of the road across the Patroklos island when you have the chance to stop and have the first eye contact of the Poseidon temple. You’re on the 59th km of the road and by the free parking area to your right. Simply get off your vehicle, adjust your glance to the open air and look straight southbound where the hill of the Temple is proudly presenting itself. On a breezy day the picture is surely a moment from becoming a photo. The summer heat might try to make things more difficult but a telephoto lens will do the job. Now you know that you’re getting closer to your beautiful spot. The road doesn’t seem so long any more.