The Municipality of Saronikos was created from the merger of the former Municipalities of Kalyvia Thorikou and the Communities of Kouvaras, Palaia Phocaea and Saronida.
Its administrative headquarters are in Kalyvia Thorikou and its area is 139.420 km2. Its population amounts to 29,002 residents. Apart from this population, about 20,000 more residents in the summer and 10,000 residents in the winter stay at holiday homes in the Municipality of Saronikos. On weekends, the Municipality also welcomes approximately 15,000 visitors in the summer and 6,000 visitors in the winter.
The residential area of the Municipality of Saronikos has a unique characteristic: apart from the urban centers of the towns and villages of Kalyvia – Kouvaras – Anavyssos – Saronida – Palaia Phocaea, it also includes 30 smaller settlements. The vast majority of these settlements is located in the coastal zone, which stretches along 23 km; the largest residential areas are the settlements that comprise the wider area of Lagonissi. On the coastal zone, apart from dozens of beautiful beaches, the traditional port of Palaia Phocaea, which is currently being transformed to a fishing harbor with a pier expansion and potential increase in boat capacity, holds a prominent place.
The privileged location of the Municipality of Saronikos is enhanced by its vicinity with “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport, and by its relatively small distance from the Port of Lavrio (and the Port of Rafina). These are the reasons why the Municipality of Saronikos is one of the key municipalities of Attica, only 30 minutes away from the capital city of Athens. The planned suburban railway expansion works also include a station northeast of the settlement of Kalyvia as well as one in Kouvaras, at the area of “Kouvaras Bridge”, next to the central Lavriou avenue, 2km SW of Kouvaras.