Our land has always been a timeless crossroad of civilizations, a “bridge” between Mesogeia and Lavreotiki, where we also belong at geographical level. It is the “bridge” that connects the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Landscapes related to each other but clearly distinct at the same time. From the wider plains of Mesogeia to the rockier and higher fields of Lavreotiki. The olive groves, vineyards and pistachio trees gradually give way to rocky beaches, small fields with fragrant bushes, and hills.

The long straight roads shorten and smoother curves start painting the natural scenery. From Mavrovouni in Kouvaras, Pani in Kalyvia, Olympos in Anavyssos, Pefka in Saronida, Pyrgaki in Palaia Phocaea and the roots of the National Park of Sounion, the view that captivates the visitor’s eye is unique. Windy natural terraces and watchtowers make up a magnificent scenery that reaches Cyclades islands and Peloponnese. This is our land and, from above, it looks like a painting.