Fascinating Athens Riviera

The crown jewel of Attica is here. 23 kilometers of indented coastline reveal small and bigger hidden delights. Just 30 minutes away from the south suburbs and 45 minutes from the center of Athens, we are the first option for a getaway to the vast, inviting open sea of the Saronic Gulf. Featuring so many accommodation options, our place can easily be a center of holidays, action and fantastic trips. Our riviera and the coastal Athens-Sounion avenue, are among the most spectacular coastal routes in the world. Filled with the sunshine and dazzling light of the Attican sky, the charming roughness of the rocks and the bright blue calm sea, this landscape offers unique images and emotions, all year round. This route will also offer you the magic of getting a first glimpse of the temple of Poseidon, after the road curve 59km from Athens, across Patroklos island. Countless bays and coves with turquoise waters, the modern hub at Lagonissi, the unique Gulf of Anavyssos, the picturesque harbor of Palaia Phocaea, beautiful, big and small natural beaches to swim, chill out or do sports. Recreation and entertainment sites, more or less organized for any taste and mood. Every need at every hour and moment of the day, will find its ideal option here. Fascinating seaside hiking trails, for relaxation and strolls, hills and natural terraces with breathtaking view of the sea and the orange-tinted sunset bidding the day farewell in the most romantic way at the waters of the Saronic Gulf. Here, you will feel that the wonderful Greek summer, may actually never end.