Kouvaras forest is home to one of the most vital “oxygen plants” of Attica. A life-giving pine forest, at an area of 20,000 km2, makes one of the most fascinating spots in Attica even prettier. Featuring smaller and bigger hills, and the imposing Mavrovouni mountain dominating the forest scene, Kouvaras Forest is the core of life and natural pleasure. The Kouvaras-Avlaki avenue connects Kouvaras and the Forest with the coastal settlement of Porto Rafti at the South Euboean gulf, along a route that offers beauty and images one can hardly find in Attica these days. Mavrovouni, along with Merenta (also known as Aematoriza) are the two dominant mountains of Kouvaras area.

Hiking and mountain bike trails, picnic and recreation spots (Evangelistria), monasteries and monastic communities unite in perfect harmony with the Forest. A walk to the chapel of Agios Efstathios on Merenta will reward you with one of the most fascinating natural views of our land and Attica. The majestic Forest and the sea behind it captivate your eyes across the skyline, as far as it gets. And if you decide to take this walk on a fresh, breezy day, you will end up counting the numerous Cyclades islands and the indented coasts of Attica.

No matter how you plan your tour, the village of Kouvaras will always be there to relax you with a coffee, a refreshment, a nice meal and the calm pleasure of sharing beautiful moments with your friends at a wonderful spot of our land, the Municipality of Saronikos.