Just close your eyes and think of what you’re longing for, either to indulge in culinary delights or as an ideal complement to a wonderful trip; whether it may be a local product as a gift or the basis for a traditional simple or inspired recipe at home. Most of you may know our capital, Kalyvia Thorikou, for its renowned culinary meat tradition (one of the greatest “capitals of meat” in Greece), which some call it the “Cholesterol square” as a joke.

Yet many others also know that they will enjoy fresh fish and seafood almost all along the coastline, and beyond. Lovers of classic Greek cuisine will find a cookhouse around every corner; not to mention delicious souvlaki, meze tapas with wine, ouzo or tsipouro, hot or cold international classic meals and various take-away snacks. Bakeries, shops with selected local products, organized vineyards for winetasting and purchases, modern cafeterias, traditional coffee houses where you can have a Greek coffee and dessert: they are all waiting for your own taste and mood to enjoy them.

If you come across one of the religious festivals (see festivals in Taxiarches, Kalyvia and Agios Dimitrios or Agios Georgios days in Kouvaras) try the traditional Korbani (veal stew) which is prepared the night before and is distributed to the faithful after the mass on the day of the celebration. This custom takes us back in time, reminding us the century-old custom of sacred offerings. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure. That you won’t be hungry when you get back home.