In our beautiful land, we have been living for centuries in harmony with mother nature and the forms she believes to go hand in hand with our wider natural environment. We are proud of our nature and we do our best to keep this balance that adds daily value to our lives. Those who have visited and loved this place and those who will visit it, always have the opportunity to wander around a natural scenery that can offer peace, serenity, inspiration and a clearer mind for a more creative mood. Besides, nature is the most ideal way for rejuvenation. Much less an Attican landscape that has been a source of creation for centuries.

Mesogeia (Middle Earth) and the land of Lavreotiki
Our land begins at the edge of the fertile Middle Earth of the big peninsula of Attica. The famous Mesogeia boasts vast olive groves and vineyards, protected by small hills and small or bigger rounded mountain peaks. The rockier mountainous land of Lavreotiki (earth of Lavrio), featuring narrow paths and passages, is at the other edge of our municipality. Our land thrives and produces and follows the seasons in the same mild pace that makes it look like a haven for production and creation. One of the major “green lungs” of Attica, Kouvaras forest, tirelessly keeps supplying us with oxygen, and you can feel it even more from up close. Some people call us “a getaway from Athens”. Because when you’re here, getting in touch with nature is the perfect way to detox your body and soul. They must be right.

The Saronic Gulf
This vast sea between Attica and Peloponnese is our sea. It has made history, myths and legends over the centuries. It gives us life and a wide horizon to gaze at, and, of course, our Municipality has been named after the Saronic Gulf.

The Salt Lake of Anavyssos
When the land looked for the sea, nature created one of the most exquisite natural landscapes in Attica. A landscape that made man work, so they could all together make the true salt of life that would add flavor to the entire world. Today, there is no salt, and the landscape just stands still as time goes by.

The tombolo in Agios Nikolaos
An island asking to merge with the land, and nature daily setting the scenery of a particularly extraordinary geophysical habitat in Attica, at the area of Agios Nikolaos in Anavyssos.