Few things can really relax the mind. Gazing across the distant sea horizon can certainly offer the best possible result. Strolling, taking a tour, relaxing with a view of the Saronic sea can give you great pleasure only a few miles away from Athens.

You may not have the pleasure to admire the famous sunset of Santorini from up close, but the land of Saronikos, lying in front of our great southern sea, probably offers you the most spectacular sunset you may see during your getaway from the center of Athens. The blue sea turns into a magical, enchanting orange-colored scenery. This might be one of the reasons why many people choose to have their wedding in one of the numerous chapels of our Municipality, at the exact time when the large, warm sun sets in a way that nature has so generously offered us.
Every nook and cranny, every rock, every grain of sand, every table, every sunbed, every seat, are here for you to take pleasure in the beauty of the sea. Enjoy this natural beauty with respect for the environment and always keep in mind that the more we keep nature clean, the more nature comes closer to us. At that time even the wind abates and calms down. This is the time that the most positive thoughts are born.

The magical time of sunset can make you want to catch a glimpse or two while driving. This is the time when the dazzling warm light of the Greek sunset fills the houses, balconies, shops, cars, and buses and captivates the senses. As much as you may be enchanted, as much as you may be overwhelmed with emotions, this is the right moment to slow down, and not let speed take away everything you love. Besides, all these beautiful things in life, that are not just things, are worth living again.